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obama's acceptance speech. >> fired up, mika. >> ready to go. >> did you see that? >> ready to go. >> i saw that on "way too early." >> what was that? >> jennifer granholm. >> oh, my lord. >> that's all we should be talking about. >> lots to talk about. >> somebody needs to tell her she's from michigan and not from the valley pta. >> all right. >> what was that? >> then david -- >> okay. >> valley pta, come on baby. >> some amazing moments yesterday. >> what was that? >> what was that? >> you need to call your friend. >> with us on set, i'll call us her producer -- >> was she drinking over here first? >> maybe she was at the blackfinn. >> she could have been. >> sam stein tells me she tore the house down, lit the woods on fire. >> almost as much as obama. she had everyone going saying how many auto jobs that saved her state, the crowd was in her hand. the hand gestures were amazing in their own right. you shouldn't speak. just -- >> i love it. >> goodness gracious. with us msnbc "time" magazine's senior political analyst mark halperin. national affairs editor for "new york" magazine and
obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. >> welcome to "morning joe" live from the democratic national convention. we make the blackfinn salon our home here for the entire week in charlotte, north carolina. >> boy, that's a line, isn't it? >> >> yeah, it is. with us on set here at the bar, we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halperin, national affairs editor for new york magazine and msnbc political analyst john heilemann and pulitzer-prize winning historian jon meacham the author of "thomas jefferson, the art of power." meacham, good to have you on board this morning. >> thank you, ma'am. >> you look very elegant and we're at at bar. >> i've been here since last night. >> he's a suwannee man. >> i'm not wearing -- well, pastel. >> well -- >> it's very kennebunkport. >> sort of not what you said before the show. we won't go there. >> let's ask quickly, john, "the new york times" a
in with michele obama, a portion of michele obama's speech, what did you think of it? >> it was a great speech, it really was. so many personal anecdotes you could visualize. we were talking last week about how ann romney said a lot of great things about mitt romney but never gave you the visuals. john said it best. who in america are in that convention hall -- or in that convention hall watching the speech didn't get the image of a loving father struck with ms, seeing his two children sat the top of the stairs and fighting and struggling to get up those stairs to hug his children at the end of the day or fighting and struggling to get out of bad to go to work to give them a slice of the american dream. it was an absolutely fantastic speech. and the great line, absolutely loved the line, that being president doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are. >> very personal, very revealing but it also might have accomplished something in terms of touching on some key areas that might have needed some work, not that the president, you would think, had a problem with the women's vote. >> right
in florida, who gave president obama a bear hug, lifted him off the ground. how great is that guy? "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> a lot of attention to, besides yourself, big headliner on your final night, and that was clint eastwood. were you laughing along with him, or were you wincing part of the time, governor? >> i was laughing at clint eastwood. look, to have him get up and speak in my behalf was a great thrill. i mean, this is a guy ann and i have watched from back in the days of "the good, the bad and the ugly." he's an american icon and hero. >> true enough, but it was a little bizarre, wasn't it, to have him talking to the chair? >> you don't expect to have a guy like clint eastwood get up and read some speech on a teleprompter like a politician. you're expected to speak from the heart, and that's exactly what he did. >> good morning. it is 6:00 on the east coast. live look at times square. >> i don't know if he spoke from the heart. >> on monday. >> could have been more from the bottom of the bottle. >> september 10th. welcome to "morning joe." we're back here home. with
mitt has been matching obama small ball for small ball. a hit-and-run critique here. this is important. a hit-and-run critique here, a slogan of the week there. that's what we've been saying. sam stein, there is no over arching message, no reagan message, no thatcher message, no george h.w. bush message in 1988. it's small ball. you have a libyan embassy blow up. you push him out the next morning and do something that even the romney campaign now understands was an absolute disaster. the president makes a faux pa about a bump in the road which was a stupid thing to say but they obsess over that. they say this is the message. this is how we're getting people back to work and change the economy clearly they're chasing after news headlines trying to win the day. >> that is a good way to put it. they're chasing. >> but it's weird because you can argue they're racing after the wrong news headlines. for instance we spent a couple days obsessing over a 1980s or 1990s redistribution quote from obama right? that was the news of the day for the romney campaign at that time. we gave more attentio
than when president obama took office. and 15 million more are on food stamps. my plan will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years. we shoul'teasure compassion by how many pele are on wee. hosuomio by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. i'm mitt romney, and i approved this message. >> i think that ad just makes my odorning, it's thursday, september 27th, as you take a look at a wet times square in new york city. i'm in chicago this morning, but with us in new york city wh willie geist, our national affairs editor for "new york" magazine andnbit analyst, john heilemann. also former treasury official and "morning joe" economic analyst steve ratner and nbc news chief affairs correspondent and ht of "andrea mitchell reports." >> we have affairs. >> andrea mitchell. aninasto f "the politico playbook," executive executor jim vandehei. of course, willie, we've got a lot to talk about. let's start really quickly with the refs! >> they're back. >> we've got some breaking news. y,'s veryxc bseu, little she's 9 years old. she plays in the soccer le
. ♪ >>> a new poll shows shols that after the democratic national convention, president obama got a four-point bounce in the polls which means he's now only five points behind bill clinton. in a recent promotion, mitt romney is offering donors a chance to win a ride on his campaign plane. but if you know how mitt romney travels, this is one contest you don't want to win. >> good morning. it is monday. wake up, everyone. september 17th. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have msnbc and "time" magazine senior political analyst mark halperin. hello, mark. >> hi. >> national affairs editor for "new york" magazine and msnbc political analyst john heilemann. and in washington, we have nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent and host of "andrea mitchell reports," andrea mitchell. good morning, everyone. good to have you on board this morning. a lot to talk about. >> a lot to talk about internationally. a lot to talk about domestically. internationally the chaos continues. "the new york times" has a front-page story. "cultural clash fuels muslims raging at film. devout values conflict
the time warner cable arena where this week president obama will officially be renominated as the democratic candidate for president of the united states. we have a pretty feisty audience. >> we have so many paul ryan fans. paul ryan, paul ryan, paul ryan! yes! yes, can you feel the love. i bet we have a lot of crimson tide fans, too. roll tide! >> it's all right. we have with us contribute mike barnicle and senior political analyst mark halperin and msnbc political analyst john heilemann, whose cover story for this week's "new york" magazine is on joe biden's role in the campaign. >> what a great cover. >> as we said, later today democrats will kick off their national convention here in north carolina, a state with 15 electoral votes up for grabs this november. president obama won north carolina by a microscopic number of votes in 2008. but a new poll shows the president will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to win here again. mitt romney currently leads the president 47% to 43%. one of the first orders of business will be to adopt the party platform. it echos pre
, what mitt romney and barack obama do not offer for the next hour four years. >> i think more broadly is there's not a whole lot of content and substance sitting around talking about, so that's all you've got. you've got to almost read the tea leaves and say is this unintentionally revealing? but if people were putting out full-blown statements about what we ought to do about entitlements and the budget, what we ought to do to get economic growth up to current levels, what we ought to be doing about the middle east and other foreign policy challenges, then we would have something real to talk about in this campaign. and these things, whether they get a little attention, wouldn't be front and center to the extent they are. >> and "the wall street journal" proved in their editorial which is what i've been saying all along, mitt romney, he doesn't know how to speak like a conservative because you get -- you just believe over time, it's just not in his gut. he's a technocrat, a gdata guy. i thought "the wl street journal" said it wonderfully, which is we conservatives around angry at thes
if he doesn't carry ohio. and then in florida, willie, down 5 percentage points with barack obama holding five percentage point in florida this late in the game. in my state, i think it's impossible to win without carrying those states. pat, let's pass it around the table, willie. you take those three states right there, he's got to start -- he's got to win florida. he's got to win ohio. and if he doesn't do it, i just don't see how it happens. >> harold, i think florida, it goes without saying, he has to win. 29 electoral votes. he's got to win the west which becomes much more difficult, and these numbers are trending the wrong way for him right now. >> there's no doubt. he's placed a huge bet on october 3rd, this romney campaign has. they picked paul ryan who is known in congress for being specific about ideas and plans for the future. and for some reason now the romney campaign doesn't want to be specific and detail oriented about what they'd do with taxes, how they'd reform entitlement, how they'd reform entitlement programs. they've given some sense but haven't gotten specifi
that he -- i don't know, you tell me. what was that? >> that's the case the obama campaign made last night. this was a man saying what he believes. this was a window into the real mitt romney. behind closed doors when he thinks nobody's looking except those whose money he needs, this is what he feels, this is what he believes. whether or not you think that's true is up to you, the viewer. it does reinforce and perhaps set in stone the caricature that the obama campaign has done a good job of creating of mitt romney as an unfeeling rich guy. >> gordon gekko meets thurston howell iii. >> he is thurston howell. >> he's in a horrible position. if he didn't have the problem he has with the conservatives, people on the right who want him to double down on this, who are arguing, you know, this is the right argument, you should make this case, he would've just apologized. but he can't do that now because he's in so much trouble on that side. he's boxed in. he can't do the obvious political thing that would be the right thing to do for the middle of the country. the right is pinning him down. last
well? >> well, you want to talk about what else did well? >> i do. >> "homeland," president obama's favorite show he said in an interview recently. "homeland" had a huge night. >> you're surprised i want to know, aren't you? >> yes, i am. supposed to be a great show. i haven't seen it. i don't have showtime. >> it's great. >> i've got to get the package. >> why don't you upgrade? >> have you ever heard of a company known as comcast? >> oh, comcast. >> yes. >> i have the most basic cable. i have, like, 12 channels at home. >> do you still have an antenna on your set? >> all i need is elmo at my house and i'm good. "homeland" won a couple, damian lewis, claire danes. >> she's great. >> best writing, best overall drama series. on the comedy side, "modern family." >> love that show. >> eric stonestreet who is absolutely hilarious, supporting actor and julie bowen, actress. >> jon stewart. >> again. >> well, now i know what i need to watch because i haven't been watching anything, although "modern family" i've just finished. i've seen some of the first season. i love that show. that's
should know what he would have done, not just his critique of president obama but how he would have handled this crisis. but it's also true that we should evaluate. the real story is not mitt romney. the real story is what happened in the middle east? what's our relationship like with egypt? we give them $1.5 billion a year. why aren't they able to protect the embassy? president morsi again this morning, we just talked to jim maceda from cairo calling for more protests, peaceful protests, but he's calling for protests around mosques. so the question is are we going to have to send out the marines to fortify our embassies every time some mouth breather puts a movie up on youtube? we need to talk about our relationship with egypt and what kind of ally they are. of course they are. but we need to talk about our relationship. >> we'll get to more politics. first let's get an update. new waves of anti-american protests sweeping the middle east. demonstrations have erupted across 11 countries including iran, iraq and sudan. right now in cairo, protesters are gathering for a fourth straigh
marines to help guard the mbembassy in tripoli. the obama administration is trying to determine if the deadly attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi was a planned terror strike or a spontaneous backlash from the anti-islamic video posted on youtube. four americans were killed in the attack including 52-year-old ambassador chris stevens, widely regarded as one of the most popular and successful american envoys in the region. according to first reports from senior administration officials, the american consulate came under small-arms fire around 10:00 p.m. local time. a short time later, the outside walls of the lightly guarded compound were breached. gunmen began attacking the main building, setting it on fire. at this point three people remained inside the main consulate. ambassador stevens, another staff member named sean smith and a security officer. amid the chaos and heavy smoke, the three became separated. ambassador stevens was missing for 12 hours before his body was located on wednesday morning in a benghazi hospital. apparently transported there by libyan police.
right now the majority of people in those states are saying they don't want to vote for barack obama. >> okay. what's next? barack obama should be ashamed of himlf. wait a minute. >> go ahea >> pdeba y city for the united nations general assembly. and the clinton global initiative, which we're going to this morning. >> are we really? >> so your boyfriend -- but one of the first orders of business was ting an interview with the women of "the view" alongside the first dy. g etopi, his republican opponents -- >> this guy's not giving serious interviews to anybody -- >> who? >> barack obama, the president of the united states. >> because romney did at a really opportune me. >> but he's going tllf e acoime for netanyahu, but time for "the view," time for -- >> no time for netanyahu. >> that was good. >> i know. i know. >> wally from "leave it to beav" was in that. >> was jerry mathers. >>o,t beave. >> asked about the newly released tax returns. >> all right. >> take a look. >> governor romney on "60 minutes" was asked, does he think it's fair that he pays a lower tax rate than somody who
of very nasty press releases from the obama for america campaign and from the romney campaign because of a statement that the romney campaign had put out about the incident when we thought it was the death of a diplomat, a staff person or a foreign service officer. but we did not at that stage know it was the ambassador. so there was already an angry exchange. and we all remember what happened in 1979. so you've got a president running for re-election and all of the criticism that he's already endured from the romney campaign about his policy in the middle east, particularly in iran. and so there are a lot of echoes. they are going to be very sensitive to all of these implications. in two weeks, we're going to be in new york at the united nations. president obama is giving a speech exactly two weeks from yesterday at the u.n. then ahmadinejad two weeks from today and then two weeks from tomorrow, benjamin netanyahu, israel's prime minister. and we haven't discussed this yet, will in a few minutes, i'm sure, but there is a new conflict or flap between the united states and israel over
, the president has reached 50% in all three states. in wisconsin obama leads romney 50-45. in colorado, the same, 50-45. and in iowa, it's 50-42. president obama won all three of these states in 2008. >> mike, the thing that we've been seeing for a very long time is this president unable to get to 50%. karl rove wrote about it a couple days ago. if you're an incumbent, you're under 50%, sitting at 46%, 47%, that's just bad news. we are seeing some of the state polls popping up to 50%, he's still being dragged down by low approval in the south and other areas. wisconsin, 50, colorado, 50, iowa, 50. i mean, a horrible set of polls out this week for mitt romney. could change. but state by state by state, things aren't looking good. >> well, he's also at the edge of 50 in places like ohio. i think he's probably over 50 in michigan. i can't recall a candidate having a worse week, a seven-day period, a worst seven-day period than mitt romney. >> i think it's two weeks. >> i will say, picking up on what we talked a couple days ago, i think you can turn lemons into lemonade. i think the 47% blunder can
's actually related -- >> no, it's not. >> president obama leads romney by 10 percentage points in ohio. no republican has lost and then won the presidency. the president is up nine points in florida and has opened up a 12-point lead in pennsylvania. in the same poll, president obama leads mitt romney in his handling of the economy in all three states. 51% of polled voters say the president would do the better job. >> okay, let's go back to the last slide, guys. and mark halperin, let's talk to you. i know you agree with me that the media is liberal. guess what? republicans have somehow managed to win despite that media liberal bias. you've said it repeatedly on this show. so despite that fact, mitt romney is not getting crushed in all three of these states because of the liberal media bias. what's happening there, and why is he losing so badly, especially in ohio? >> well, it's very unlikely the president will win those states by those margins, but these numbers are not out of line dramatically with private polling and some other public polling. i think the biggest problem right now re
, president obama leads mitt romney in his ndlif e ecomy ill estat. 51% of polled voters say the president would do the better job. >> okay, let's go back to the last slide, guys. and mark halperin, let's talk to you. i know you agree with me that the media is liberal. guess what? republicans have someh managed to win dpitehat a raas you've said it repeatedly on this show. so despite that fact, mitt romney is not getting crushed in all three of these states because of the liberal media bias. what's hapning the, and why is he lingoba especially in oh? >> well, it's very unlikely the president will win those states by those margins, but these numbers are not out of line dramatically with private polling and some other public polling. i think the biggest problem rit now remains him. he's not driving asient mee. the president does -- says something, the republicans get all excited about it. they treat it like a gaffe. they'll talk about it for a day. and then they'll move on to something else. the biggest danger to me right now for the republican party are two things. one is that you look athe
for a second? and even if we disagree with some of george bush's policies and barack obama's policies in this area, which we do, and we've criticized both. is it okay to say, thank you, mr. president, thank you, president bush, thank you, president obama. because while it was ugly and while we still disagree with a lot that this president's done and the last president's done, we haven't had another attack. and that is pretty damn remarkable, remarkable work by the president, by the cia, by the fbi, by new york city police, by -- by our entire nation security apparatus. it's so easy for us to attack them. can we just stop today and thank president bush and thank president obama, thank our men and women of the cia, the fbi, and everybody that's kept us safe for 11 years? >> i think we could do that. i think we're all glad we haven't been hit again. we can never know, perhaps how many other attempts were thwarted by intelligence agencies. we did get lucky a couple of times and thinking of the underwear bomber, richard reed, the time square bomber, those were -- we got lucky in those case
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)